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Acute Gynaecology Services

Welcome to the Acute Gynaecology Services at St James University Hospital.

Our Acute Gynaecology Services look after women with acute gynaecological conditions, including early Pregnancy problems, in the Leeds area.  We hope this website will provide some important and relevant information to you.  Acute Gynaecology and Early Pregnancy Patient Information Leaflets are now available under the 'Your Condition and Treatment' section.

The Acute Gynaecology services are part of the Leeds Centre for Women’s Health, where we also provide non-urgent services for people with a range of different symptoms and issues

What we do

The Acute Gynaecology Services are based at St James University Hospital and see over 10,000 women a year. It includes:

We see women who have been referred to us by their GP, Emergency Services or other health specialties.  We aim to provide safe, effective, personal and rapid healthcare to all women while maintaining dignity, privacy and personal views.



Where to find us

Our Acute Gynaecology Services are located on ward J24 The Leeds Centre For Women's Health at St James Hospital. 

  • The Acute Gynaecology Unit and Acute Gynaecology Clinic- 0113 20 65724
  • The Early pregnancy unit- 0113 20 65473

Other services

We also provide treatment for other gynaecological and urogyneacological conditions.