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Attending Clinic


Car parking is situated for the Unit just to the right hand side as you enter the Clarendon Wing car park. You will need to ask at the Children's CF and Respiratory Unit reception for a code to raise the barrier to the car park.

When attending clinic please bring to every clinic appointment your child’s current inhalers, spacers, iNeb, or physio devices they may have, so we can check they are working well.

Useful websites
The UK CF Trust is the largest UK charity supporting people with cystic fibrosis. Support and advice is available for people living with CF and their family members.
The European CF Society Clinical Trial Network ensures a co-ordinated approach to developing new and better treatments for people with CF and Leeds Cystic Fibrosis Centre is proud to be a key European site within this network.

Who we see

The children’s cystic fibrosis team see children and young people with cystic fibrosis from diagnosis right through until it is time for them to transition to adult CF care at around 17 years of age. We accept referrals for children aged 0-16 years of age from Leeds and further afield.

We provide a comprehensive service based on high standards of care guided by national and local guidelines.

Who you will see at clinic

  • Receptionist
  • CF Clinic support worker
  • CF Clinic nurse
  • CF Specialist Dietitian
  • CF Specialist Physiotherapist
  • CF Doctor- this may be one of the CF consultants, CF hospital practitioners or a registrar who is attached to the Respiratory Team.
  • A CF Specialist Psychologist and CF Specialist Social Worker are available to offer support as needed.

Leeds General Infirmary is a teaching hospital so you may meet medical students and student nurses during your visit to the CF clinic.

The CF Team work closely with the Research team and occasionally you and your child may be asked if you would like to take part in a research study.

This is completely voluntary and will not affect your care if you would prefer not to.    

Clinic visit

Each child or young person with CF, accompanied by their parent or carer, will be seen in individual rooms to protect against cross-infection.

At each clinic appointment children will have their height and weight measured. They will have their oxygen saturations recorded on an oxygen saturation monitor. 

Children over 5 years of age will have their lung function measured on a spirometer machine.

A cough swab or sputum sample will be obtained to check for the presence of any respiratory infection.

If required your child may need to have further tests such as a Chest X-ray or blood tests, these will be fully explained to you and your child.

We can provide support and education both within the home and school setting.

Changing your appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment please contact 0113 392 7125 and you will be able to rebook another appointment.

By cancelling your appointment we will be able to offer the appointment to another patient.