The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Meet the Team

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Consultant and Lead Clinician: Dr Tim Lee
Consultant: Dr Emma Guy
Consultant: Dr Christopher Edwards
Consultant: Dr Alex Adams
Consultant: Dr Saikiran Gopalakaje

Hospital Practitioners:
Dr Jonathan Taylor
Dr Trevor Milligan

CF Administrator: Christine Silburn

Specialist CF Dieticians:
Jacqui Lowden
Laurie Cave
Dalvinder Hellawell

Specialist CF Physiotherapists:
Elaine Edwards
Christine Blackburn

Cystic Fibrosis Nurse Specialists:
Noeleen McGinley
Lianne Lund
Lesley MacKenzie
Elizabeth Hill

Specialist CF Psychologist: Dr Alistair Duff

Cystic Fibrosis Young Person's Key Worker: Adnan Mehmood

Specialist CF Pharmacist: Helen Cunliffe

Specialist CF Social Worker: Henneh Hussain

CF Outpatient Sister: Carol Sowerby

CF Clinic Nurse: Katy Waller

CF Clinic Assistant: Lesley Kell