The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

What we do

The Paediatric Emergency department is a very busy unit seeing around 40,000 new attendances each year. We deal with all children up to the age of 16 years. Children attend with minor injuries ranging from simple bumps and cuts and bruises all the way up to those who have serious life threatening accidents - referred to as major trauma such as road traffic accidents. We also deal with children who have illnesses that can require very little intervention or can be so unwell as to require resuscitation.

We provide the majority of care for our patients in our Paedaitric Emergency department. This consists of one initial assessment cubicle which is also known as the V.E.T. room and so this is decorated with animals. There are two further assessment cubicles. We then have ten other cubicles to care for children and their families in.

We have our own plaster room where we apply plaster and fibre glass casts to children with broken bones. We also have two resuscitation bays in the resuscitation room that we share with the adult Emergency Department. We have a waiting room were patients and families wait for the initial assessments and then a very colourful main waiting area where children and families wait to see the doctor.