The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Coming to Hospital

Coming to Hospital

We know that coming to hospital can be a frightening experience and we try and make it as comfortable as possible for all our children and families. Parents are encouraged to stay overnight on the wards, if needed, and there are refreshment trolleys and vending machines available for snacks and drinks. We have a great team of play specialists on hand to offer entertainment ideas and also help children feel more relaxed if they need any tests or procedures.

When children are first referred by their GP or from the Emergency Department they are seen on our Children’s Assessment and Treatment (CAT) Unit on D floor in the Jubilee Wing at the Leeds General Infirmary site. If children need investigations during their stay they may be seen in the adjacent Paediatric Urgent Management Area (PUMA).

Children and young people that need to stay longer in hospital are then usually cared for on the in-patient wards L9, L40 and L30. Ward L9 is next to the CAT Unit and Wards L30 and L40 are in the Leeds Children’s Hospital in the Clarendon Wing of the Leeds General Infirmary.

Our wards are child-friendly and attractive, and have playrooms that children can use if appropriate. Children will be seen by a Paediatric Consultant within the first 24 hours and reviewed by the medical team every day.

Coming to Clinic

Out-patients are seen in the dedicated Children’s clinic, which is on B floor of the Martin Wing at the Leeds General Infirmary site. There are lots of activities, such as Nintendo Wii, in the waiting area to keep everyone entertained.

When you first arrive in clinic you will need to let the reception team know that you are there and then a member of staff will call you to check your child’s height and weight. Some children and young people will also need other tests such as a blood pressure or to collect a urine specimen at that time. It can get a bit noisy in the waiting area so listen carefully for your doctor to then call you to be seen!

We offer a wide range of General Paediatric clinics, including a Rapid Access Clinic for children who need to be seen urgently or who have been on the Paediatric ward.