The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Cystic Fibrosis Team

The Leeds Regional Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Centre cares for 175 children with cystic fibrosis on a full-care basis, and a further 60 children on a shared care basis together with their district general hospitals, making our service one of the largest paediatric cystic fibrosis centres in the UK.

The physiotherapy team are involved with children and their families when they come to clinic and also when they need to be admitted onto the ward for treatment.

As part of the Multi-Disciplinary CF Team physiotherapists are involved in monitoring children's progress and jointly deciding on treatment options.

We perform annual assessments and can also monitor progress using Lung function testing and Exercise testing.

Daily Airway Clearance sessions and Exercise are two of the most important mainstays of Cystic Fibrosis treatment.

The physiotherapy team is constantly working together with families from diagnosis through to the time when they transfer to the Adult Cystic Fibrosis Unit, delivering education and support to families ensuring treatment regimens are effective and individualised.

We are involved with ascertaining a child’s suitability for nebulised medication and are involved with nebuliser provision.

As part of the standardised Shared Care Service we work closely with the CF physiotherapists in Halifax, Huddersfield, York, Scarborough and Bradford.

The lead physiotherapists in the team are Rosemary Ball and Christine Blackburn. They can be contacted via email:, or call the CF unit on 0113 3927125. Rosemary also carries a long range pager: 07659535237