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Leeds Cancer SupportLeeds Cancer Support offers emotional, financial and practical help to assist people and their families or carers to cope better with a diagnosis of cancer. They rely on fundraising and donations to support their work. For more information about their fundraising activities and how donations are used or to find out how you can help, please contact Louise Fisher on 0113 2066499 or email


Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal

Yorkshire Cancer Centre

Yorkshire Cancer Centre Appeal is the fundraising arm of St James’s Institute of Oncology. This ongoing appeal directly benefits cancer patients within the excellent Bexley Wing facility which opened in 2008. Bexley Wing provides a range of cancer services to 1,500 patients per day. The appeal’s focus is four-stranded: specialist medical equipment, research and education programmes, patient home comforts and the arts and gardens projects.

Appeal staff work closely with clinicians, nursing staff and operational managers throughout the hospital to determine where funds can best be used to benefit patients.

Your contribution, no matter how modest, will enhance patient care and ensure that this world-class facility remains a leading force in the early prevention, diagnosis, treatment and after-care of this indiscriminate disease that still affects one in three lives in the UK.

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