The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Leeds Cancer Centre

The gynaecology team

The Gynaecology Cancer Multi-Disciplinary Team is available to all patients who have gynaecological cancers. Key decisions regarding the diagnostic tests required and potential treatment options of each patient are made at the weekly Wednesday MDT meeting which is attended by the members of the MDT.

The gynaecology nurse specialist team provide support to each individual through the patient pathway from diagnosis, to treatment and follow up including supportive care.

All the members of the gynaecology nurse specialist team have expertise and experience in assisting with patients and carers concerns including:

  • information about the disease illness, investigations, treatments and follow up;
  • advice about any symptoms;
  • support for patients, relatives and carers;
  • referral to the community nursing teams, such as the District Nurses;  
  • referral to other professionals who can offer specialist advice such as benefits, social services or complimentary therapies.

The team can be contacted on 0113 2067820 or e-mail

If you live outside of the Leeds area you will be allocated a nurse specialist who is based nearer to where you live.