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Chemotherapy preparation

Chemotherapy medicines, just like other medicines come in different forms. The main types are those taken by mouth (oral) and those that are given into your veins (injections and infusions). Often if your chemotherapy is given by mouth, you can collect the medicine from the outpatient pharmacy dispensary in Bexley Wing and take them home with you as an outpatient.

Outpatient chemotherapy

If you can have your chemotherapy as an outpatient,the doctor will prescribe enough tablets for a course of treatment on a prescription.  You would then bring the prescription to the Bexley Wing dispensary to be dispensed. We will supply you with sufficient tablets for the whole course of treatment and advise you on how to take your medication.

You can collect your medicines from the dispensary, located on Level 0, alongside main reception at the entrance. It is open Monday to Friday 8.30am to 5.00pm. We can give you information and answer any questions you may have about your medications and make sure that you receive the right chemotherapy and other medications for your treatment.  

Day-case and inpatient chemotherapy preparation

If your chemotherapy is to be administered by injection or infusion you will come for treatment in the day case unit or sometimes as an inpatient. Before you come for treatment, the doctor will prescribe the medicines you will need and we will have checked it and whenever possible prepared it in advance, so it will be ready for you when you come for treatment.

Your pharmacist will double check the prescription before the chemotherapy is prepared to ensure the doses of all the medicines prescribed are the appropriate ones for you and that you have had all the correct pre-chemotherapy tests.

Before each and every treatment session, we will review your chemotherapy prescription.  Only after this can our pharmacy technicians start to prepare your chemotherapy. 

Preparing chemotherapy is a complicated process. We must ensure accuracy and keep everything sterile and this takes time.  If your chemotherapy cannot be prepared in advance of your arrival, please be patient, as there will be a waiting period.  We hope you will be understanding because it is your safety that comes first and we must take the time we need to do everything right. If you would like to know more about how chemotherapy is prepared, follow this link.

After the chemotherapy has been prepared, the pharmacist checks it once again against the prescription to make sure it is correct.  It is then taken from Pharmacy to the Oncology Day Unit or inpatient ward to be given to you.