The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Consultation at an outpatient appointment

You will be sent a letter inviting you to attend for an outpatient appointment with one of our doctors that specialises in the treatment of cancer. During this appointment it is likely that you will see other members of the team, all of whom are dedicated to trying to make your visit as pleasant and effective as possible.

Finding us

Oncology outpatients is on level one and Haematology outpatients is on level three, both in St James’s Hospital Bexley Wing. Follow this link for information on how to find us and where to park.

If you are unsure as to which area you need to be in, please ask at reception or one of the volunteers downstairs in the Bexley Wing Atrium.  They will be either direct or escort you.


The Oncology Outpatient department is very large, so it has been split into 4 suites.  Suites one and two share a reception and are at one end of the department and suites 3 and 4 share another reception at the other. Your appointment letter will tell you which suite you need to go to, but you can  always ask a receptionist to help.

Haematology Outpatients is smaller and has a single reception desk.


It is important that you check-in as this is the only way that we can record that you are here.  You can do this using our self check-in terminals, which are situated at each end of the department.  If you are uncomfortable with that, you are welcome to ask the receptionist will check your details and book you into clinic.

Understanding what is being said

You may see many people during your appointment.  You may not understand everything that is said or be able to take everything in at once.  Feel free to ask questions to any of our staff or to ask them to repeat what they have said in another way. If you need a translator or interpretor or have hearing difficulties, then we can arrange for help.  It would help us, if you could let us know this in advance by contacting us using the the number on your appointment letter.

Seeing the Nurse

Whilst you wait to see the doctor, a member of the nursing team will call you to have your height and weight measured, and will give you a brief explanation about what to expect during your visit.  You may also be asked to provide a blood sample at this stage. Follow this link for more information about blood samples.

Seeing the Doctor

You will be seen by either a consultant or a specialist registrar.  They will take a medical history, discuss your diagnosis and explain what treatment options are available. Sometimes, at your first appointment, a treatment plan will be made with you.  We appreciate though that you need time to think about your treatment options, so we recommend that you return to clinic in one or two weeks time after you have had a good the chance consider them. You will be provided with written information about your treatment, including any associated side effects. If you decide to go ahead, the doctor will ask you to sign a consent form.  It is very important for you and for us that you are fully informed about your treatment before you consent.

Participation in clinical trials

St James’s is a leader in the race to find new more effective cancer treatments and we always have trials of new medicines or combinations of medicines in progress.  Sometimes these trials are very new but others are at the point of becoming the standard treatment.  We will tell you if we are offering a treatment that is part of a trial and answer any questions that you may have about it. Follow this link for more information on clinical trials.

Screening and information

If chemotherapy is the chosen treatment option, and the treatment plan has been decided upon, the nursing staff in clinic will screen you for MRSA and ensure that you have had the blood tests you need.  They will provide you with written information and a chemotherapy booklet with contact telephone numbers in, and you will be provided with a list of appointments, the first one will be in our Pre-assessment department, which is also located on level one in Bexley Wing.

Free-parking during chemotherapy treatment

Once you begin your treatments, we recommend that you use the Bexley Wing Multi-storey car park, because when you are on treatment here, you will be provided with a car park pass, which will entitle you to free parking during the times that you are having treatment.  Ask about this before you leave your outpatient appointment.


Hospital arranged transport between home and hospital for chemotherapy can be arranged if you need it.  Please ask about this before you leave your outpatient appointment.