The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Blood samples


Blood samples are an important part of your chemotherapy assessment and may need to be taken either before or after you see the doctor.

Where possible, we recommend that patients have their bloods taken at their GP’s surgery.  This saves you time, before appointments and helps prevent any delay in preparing your chemotherapy.  When this happens, we will get these results before you see the doctor.  Although this practice is more and more common, it is not possible for everyone yet. Please ask the nursing staff if you are able to have your bloods taken at your GP's surgery.

Occasionally, it also necessary to take further blood samples on the day of treatment.  Please don’t be concerned if this happens, we will explain why at the time.  It is quite usual for treatment to proceed after additional blood samples have been taken.

The blood taking rooms are located inside the Oncology Outpatient Department on Level 1 or in Haematology Outpatients on Level 3. You will be attended to in order of clinical need first and then the order you arrived.

If you have a PICC or Hickman device in place and are due to have bloods done, the process will be different, please let a member of the nursing staff know as soon as you book in to your Clinic Area.

The time for urgent blood results to be available can vary from approx 30 minutes up to 2 hours. During this time, a visit to the coffee bar could help to pass the time but please let the staff in your area know, in case they need to contact you.