The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Twins and Multiple Pregnancy Service

In Leeds we offer an enhanced care pathway for women having a multiple pregnancy, involving all members of the multidisciplinary team - Consultant, specialist multiples midwives and ultrasonographer all whom have experience and knowledge of managing twin and triplet pregnancies. Our aim is to provide personalised care.

In Leeds we have four consultants obstetricians based at both St James's and Leeds General Infirmary.

Two Specialist Multiples Midwives Kathryn Harper 07920478087 and Gemma Miller 07786250868.

We coordinate clinical care for women minimising the number of hospital visits and to provide care as close to the woman's home as possible and provide continuity of care within the hospital and the community.

The team aims to offer information and emotional support specific to a multiple pregnancy.

The midwives will see you at your own home or at the place of your choice, we provide postnatal support on the ward and at home up until six weeks after the birth.

Parentcraft sessions are offered in small groups with women and their partners following a programme together for additional peer support.

  • 16-20 weeks welcome and discuss diet, lifestyle, musculoskeletal effects on the body.
  • 24 weeks labour, analgesia and operative births.
  • 28 weeks feeding your babies.
  • 30 weeks taking your babies home and support.
  • Postnatal reunion at 6-8 weeks.

The team were winners in the Leeds Hospital Heroes 2017 awards for their positive support of parents expecting multiple births, including the development of networking events and support groups for parents.