The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Respiratory Medicine


Our service provides expert treatment and advice in the management of acute and chronic respiratory disorders. The range of conditions include:

  • lung cancer
  • asthma
  • smoking related COPD
  • respiratory infections including tuberculosis
  • interstitial lung disease
  • occupational lung disease
  • pulmonary vascular disease
  • sleep related breathing disorders
  • respiratory failure.



St. James's University hospital has respiratory critical care/high dependency beds, which provide non-invasive ventilatory support for patients in respiratory failure.

We are part of a wider multi-disciplinary team and work with other specialties. We have:

  • Respiratory Nurse specialists based at Leeds General Infirmary
  • Respiratory Nurse specialist at St. James's University Hospital.
  • Assisted ventilation and sleep disorders Nurse specialist at St James's University Hospital.
  • Lung Cancer Nurse specialists based at Bexley Wing, St James's University Hospital (Medicine, Surgery & Oncology Division) who provide support to respiratory wards on both sites.
  • Cystic Fibrosis Liaison Nurse specialists at St James's Hospital.

Additional Information

There is a Sleep and Assisted Ventilation Service at St James's Hospital for inpatients, outpatients and at home in the community.

Inpatient services for patients requiring acute non-invasive ventilatory support and management following intubation and ventilation on ITU are available St James's hospital.

St James's Hospital provides a service for patients with HIV/AIDS related respiratory health problems and multi-drug resistant tuberculosis.

The bronchoscopy service is provided in the David Beevers Day Unit at St James's Hospital.
Facilities for the admission of patients for elective diagnostic investigations to St. James's is available. This can be arranged through referral to the Respiratory Consultant.