The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Yorkshire Heart Centre

This specialised regional service provides surgical care to adults across West Yorkshire and beyond who have heart disease or abnormalities such as angina or heart valve disease.

What we do

A comprehensive range of surgical intervention is offered with the current exception of heart transplantation. Surgical intervention is also provided as emergency care to patients who suffer traumatic chest injuries.

Cardiology services at Leeds are managed within the Yorkshire Heart Centre, and patients’ medical management in both Cardiac Surgery and Cardiology is often shared. We also have a Cardiac Valve Service and Leeds is one of the largest TAVI centres in the United Kingdom. 

Contact us

For queries about new appointments, inpatients and follow-ups, contact the individual consultant secretaries:

Mr O’Regan/ Mr McGoldrick
Secretary: 0113 3925790
Mr Munsch
Secretary: 0113 3923436
Mr Kaul/ Mr Javangula
Secretary: 0113 3925792

Lead Clinician Mr David O'Regan
Clinical Director Dr Greg Reynolds
Business Manager Rob Rathbone
Matron Chanele Keenan