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New cataract machine installed at Wharfedale Hospital Pre-assessment

Tuesday 9th January 2018

A brand new, state-of-the-art cataract biometry machine has been installed in the Pre-assessment department at Wharfedale Hospital. The device brings benefits to patients by achieving greater accuracy in images, leading to more reliable surgical outcomes.

The machine - an IOLMaster 700, manufactured by Zeiss - cost £47,000, and was purchased for the department by Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation. Patients who require cataract surgery will undergo a test with the machine that maps out the patient’s eyes on a high definition screen.

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Karen Waterhouse, Senior Sister in Pre-Assessment, said: “The Pre-assessment nursing team are delighted with the new IOL eye machine. The advanced technology means quicker and more efficient readings. Due to its reliability and accuracy, we are reducing the need for patients to attend St James’s Hospital for further measurements. This will help make the patient experience at Wharfedale Hospital more satisfying.”

The device uses sophisticated technology to attain a highly detailed, full-length scan of the entire eye, making it easier to detect subtle flaws in eye geometry, meaning a higher likelihood of post-operative satisfaction for patients. A ‘fixation check’ mechanism ensures patients are focusing correctly so that the rendered scans show correct measurements.

Sarah Dodsworth, Pre-assessment Patient Services Co-Ordinator, commented: “The new machine is a huge coup for our department and joins an already impressive repertoire of patient services at Wharfedale Hospital. It gets readings spot on every time - making the patient journey more efficient and outcomes more reliable.”

David Welch, Chief Executive of Leeds Hospital Charitable Foundation said: “We’re delighted to have provided the funding for such a worthwhile cause. It’s clear that the machine is already making a dramatic difference to staff and patients and we’re extremely proud to be a part of this.”