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LTHT part of bid for NHS England Local Health and Care Record Exemplar

Thursday 28th June 2018

We are delighted that Yorkshire and Humber has been selected by NHS England as one of five areas to become a ‘Local Health and Care Record Exemplar’ (LHCRE) and LTHT is proud to be part of it.

At the moment, in many areas, GPs and other care professionals are often not able to access crucial patient information quickly if it is held in another part of the health service – sometimes having to rely on post or fax instead.

The Leeds Care Record, which is powered by our ‘home grown’ platform PPM+, has already started to address some of this across our city and is one of the reasons NHS England selected our region to become a LHCRE.

A new collaborative, the Yorkshire and Humber Digital Care Board, will pull together best practice from across the region using technology and digital innovations to link systems across health and care organisations, enabling care providers to work more closely together.


Richard Corbridge, Chief Digital and Information Officer at LTHT and Senior Responsible Officer for the Yorkshire and Humber bid, said: ““This is fantastic news - there are some fantastic examples across the region of how we’re already using digital to drive integrated care.


Just this week, here at LTHT, we’ve been able to achieve the ‘Big Paper Switch Off’ target, bring in our first cohort of digital interns from the University of Leeds, and our clinical staff are increasingly engaging with improvements to our own ‘home-grown’ electronic health record. We believe that LTHT will be a digital hospital by December 2019 and being part of the Yorkshire and Humber Digital Care Board will really help us achieve this.”