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Chris van D’Arque

Chris van D’Arque - Deputy Head of Chaplaincy

Chris “In close partnership with my senior colleague, my role is to support the Team of Chaplains in their day-to-day commitment to deliver high quality unconditional spiritual care responsive to patients, relatives and staff members throughout the Trust, and working together to evolve and develop the Service in order to realise best practice.”

“Within this remit, I also hold lead responsibility for the volunteer members of The Spiritual Care Team, and very much enjoy working in partnership with our volunteers whose commitment, experience and willingness to learn new skills enhance our care and support for our diverse hospital community.”

“My early career was as a restaurateur, and I remain a passionate foodie! Everything I have ever learned that has proved true and effective in team-working I learned through the choreography of team-working within the restaurant.”

“Overlapping this time I became increasingly involved in social action, and the issues facing people with HIV/AIDS, eventually taking on the start-up for a fresh government initiative based in the community in support of teenagers in London and later pioneering the development of a holistic response to the needs of families at that time.”

“I was ordained in 2000 at St Albans Abbey in Hertfordshire, and worked in a diverse range of communities including Westminster, Doncaster and Chesterfield; as a Healthcare Chaplain I have worked within Sheffield Teaching Hospitals, Doncaster and Bassetlaw Hospitals and my Tour of Yorkshire has now brought me to Leeds Teaching Hospitals.”

“The best thing about my job is that I can enable change and development within the service and beyond in support of enhancing patient quality of care and experience!  Every day is a fresh adventure!”