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Dr Elizabeth Bonney

Dr Elizabeth Bonney
Primary Designation Consultant in Obstetrics
GMC Code 6049856
Telephone Number (0113) 392 2729
Special Interests I have a specialist interest in the prevention of preterm birth and am involved in current research for the prediction and prevention of preterm birth. With my colleague Nigel Simpson, I run the prematurity clinics at St James�s and LGI. We provide care for women who require closer surveillance due to previous preterm births or because of conditions that may increase the risk of a future preterm birth. This may include ultrasound scans of the cervix along with the insertion of transvaginal (Shirodkar) and transabdominal cervical sutures. I also regularly review women who have previously delivered very early babies, to discuss and plan the management of future pregnancies.

I also run a general antenatal clinic where I review women with more complicated pregnancies. I enjoy managing a busy labour ward and believe in the promotion of normal birth. I regularly look after women in labour with twins, or those who wish vaginal breech births.