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Dr Janet Wilson

Dr Janet Wilson
Primary Designation Consultant in Genito-Urinary Medicine
GMC Code 2645429
Telephone Number (0113) 392 2944/392
Special Interests My areas of expertise are managing recurrent vulval and vaginal infections, particularly recurrent bacterial vaginosis, recurrent candida and trichomoniasis. I have extensive clinical experience in the management of these conditions as well as having conducted research in these areas. I also have expertise in the management of infections in pregnancy. I am Chair of the multi-disciplinary team responsible for the management of pregnant women with HIV infection and with syphilis infection.
In addition I run a clinical service, with obstetrics, for pregnant women with previous late miscarriages and preterm birth involving screening and treating infections which have been shown to be associated with these complications during pregnancy. I undertake research into finding the most effective diagnostic tests for sexually transmitted infections and other genital infections, as well as their utility and cost-effectiveness.