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Dr Klaus Witte

Dr Klaus Witte
Primary Designation Consultant Cardiologist
Secondary Designation Senior Lecturer
GMC Code 4107231
Special Interests I am a consultant cardiologist with specialist interests in heart failure. Heart failure is a common condition affecting up to 10% or people in their 70's. Symptoms of heart failure include breathlessness, fatigue, and ankle swelling. Our clinic runs on Wednesdays seeing people with symptoms possibly due to heart failure (to make a new diagnosis or reassure) and patients with known heart failure. Heart failure cannot generally be cured, but with the right treatments, patients can experience a good quality of life. Our aim in the clinic is to make sure people with heart failure get on the right treatments at the right time. We therefore work closely with a team of nurses in the community who can visit people at their homes to help optimise their treatment. People attending our clinic will usually also be invited to participate in research studies that help us understand the condition and explore new ways to treat it. My interests include pacemaker therapy for heart failure, exercise physiology and the effect of training, nutrition especially the effects of micronutrients including vitamin supplementation.