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Mr Evangelos Drimtzias

Mr Evangelos Drimtzias
Primary Designation Consultant in Paediatric Ophthalmology
GMC Code 7172810
Special Interests <p>I am a fellowship-trained paediatric ophthalmologist and adult strabismologist specialising in managing squints in children and adults.<br>

I have completed two Fellowships in Paediatric Ophthalmology and Strabismus at St. James&rsquo;s University Hospital in Leeds.<br>

I have been practising as a Paediatric Ophthalmology Consultant since January 2015. I initially worked as a Locum Consultant in Paediatrics at Manchester Royal Eye Hospital. Since December 2015 I have practiced as a Consultant at St. James&rsquo;s University Hospital in Leeds.<br>

I run several specialist clinics including Paediatric Clinics, Adult Squint and Neuro-ophthalmology Clinics and a dedicated Paediatric Neuro-ophthalmology Clinic on a monthly basis.<br>

My NHS timetable incorporates operating lists where I perform Paediatric and Adult Strabismus operations at Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust.<br>

I have got a special interest in Paediatric Ophthalmic Neuro-oncology and in the management of children with brain tumours and subsequent ophthalmic problems.<br>

I have a number of peer reviewed publications and I am involved in clinical research projects assessing the impact of paediatric brain tumours on the visual system.</p>