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Prof Andrew Hanby

Prof Andrew Hanby
Primary Designation Professor in Breast Cancer Pathology
Secondary Designation Consultant Histopathologist
GMC Code 2714224
Special Interests Breast Pathology and Molecular Pathology and the biology of tumour associated fibroblast. I am also a keen advocate of public engagement with science and medicine.

Illustrative example of initiatives include:
1. I have established and run the regional HER2 service based in Leeds with now in excess of 1500 tests a year and my experience has helped inform national practise with interaction both with the Cancer Czar Prof Mike Richards (short term DOH working party) and also via my membership of the NHS breast screening programme pathology (NHSBSP) BIG 18 (who formulate guidelines relevant to breast cancer diagnosis); as part of this I have also been an external quality assesor for the HER2 testing NEQAS scheme which assesses technical quality and the service is a reference centre.
2. Principle Investigator (PI) for the Leeds clinical hub of the CR-UK stratified medicine program, which involved establishment of tissue and information pathways to permit molecular profiling of a range of tumour types and to deliver the results back to the clinical teams and to cancer registries.
3. Instigator of the CR-UK/citizen science Cell slider project which involves the public in the assessments of molecular profiles of tissue from clinical trials using web based crowd sourcing methodologies.
4. Co-investigator for the Breast Cancer Campaign breast tissue bank; the first and largest UK breast bio-bank, with Leeds as the Lead centre.