The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Previous Events

Medicine for Members April – September 2017 

LGI Redevelopment - presented by Julian Hartley, Chief Executive

Medicine for Members October - November 2016 

Osteoarthritis - Mr George Whitwell & Mr Campbell Maceachern

Current Issues in Eye Care - Professor Bernard Chang

Breast Cancer - Sue Hartup

Cancer and the Development of Future Radiotherapy Treatment - Professor David Sebag-Montefiore

Advances in Treatment of Heart Disease (Part Two) - Professor Alistair Hall

Patient Feedback - Krystina Kozlowska 

Multiple Sclerosis - Dr Helen Ford

Medicine for Members March to July 2016 

Neurology  - Dr John Bamford

Prostate Cancer - Mr William Cross

CQC Inspection Event - Professor Suzanne Hinchliffe CBE & Craig Brigg

The Problem of Obesity - Mr Stephen Pollard

Pathology in Leeds - Dr Phillip Wood

Medical Education - Stuart Haines

Arthritis- Dr Jacqueline Andrews

Patient Experience - Krystina Kozlowska

Dementia - Dr Oliver Corrado

Advances in Treatment of Heart Disease (Part One) - Professor Alistair Hall

 Medicine for Members September to November 2015

We apologise that the September to November 2015 PowerPoint presentations are currently unavailable to view online. 

Medicine for Members - January to July 2015 

Blood in Pee, Mr Ian Eardley (1.8 MB) Mr Eardley

Bowel Screening and Cancer, Mr Ian Botterill (2.5 MB)

Brain Aneurysms and Stroke, Dr Tony Goddard (8.8 MB) Tony Goddard

Major Nerve Injury, Grainne Bourke (1.8 MB)

Older People's Medicine, Dr Nicola Turner (1.8 MB) Nicola Turner

Public Health Strategy, Dr Phil Ayres & Charlotte Orton (1.2 MB)

Quality and Patient Feedback, Craig Brigg & Krystina Kozlowska (704 KB)

Research Excellence for World-Class Care, Prof Stephen Smye (4.7 MB)

Rheumatology, Dr Jacqueline Andrews (1.8 MB) Jaqueline Andrews

Robotic Surgery, Mr Ramnath Subramaniam (3.8 MB) Mr Subramaniam

The Leeds Children's Hospital, Dr Michael Richards (1023 KB)

Training Nurses of the Future, Jill Asbury (2.1 MB) Jill Asbury and Helen Green Yvette Oade and Trudy Davies