The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Young People

We know that for some young people, coming into a children's hospital makes them feel like they will be treated like toddlers or that they may end up on wards with very young children and babies which can add to discomfort and feelings of anxiety.

Although sometimes there is little that we can do to control who else is on the ward or clinic with you, we are making a lot of progress in ensuring that we meet the needs of young people.

We are developing more entertainment areas as we know that our playrooms don't always meet the needs of teenagers and adolescents. Our play therapists will be able to suggest age appropriate activities and materials if you have outgrown the games and toys that are usually available for younger children.

Leeds Children's Hospital and our Youth Forum are working together to build a social area and entertainment hub in the Clarendon Wing to provide a comfortable space where you can meet patients of a similar age.  If you are interested in knowing more about our Youth Forum or have ideas you would like to contribute, please speak to a member of staff.

lchtv logo2We also have the Leeds Children's TV channel where you can find videos about our wards as well as stories and opinions of other patients.