The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

New funding for research into multiple sclerosis

Friday 19th May 2017

Well done to one of our Consultant Neurologists, Dr Helen Ford and her team, who have received almost £6m to carry out research into a new treatment for multiple sclerosis.

The trial will investigate whether a widely prescribed statin drug could be used to treat MS and patients in Leeds will be invited to take part in this ground-breaking research.

helen ford

There are currently no effective treatments available to slow down the worsening of disability in progressive MS. The drug, Simvastatin, will be tested on people with the secondary progressive form of MS and recruitment for the trial will take place later in the year.

This research will be undertaken by Helen and her colleagues including Dr Oliver Lily and Dr Maruthi Vinjam, MS Research Nurse Sally Fox and MS Specialist Nurses Gale Metcalfe and Julie Taylor.  

Professor Sue Pavitt, from the University of Leeds, has also been confirmed as a collaborator for the new study which will be funded by National Institute for Health Research, the MS Society UK, the National MS Society, the NHS and UK universities.