The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Shortlisted Teams and Hospital Heroes

Judging has taken place and the following is a list of the shortlisted teams and heroes in each of our Time to Shine 2017 categories

Best Educational / Promotion Campaign 

Raising awareness of palliative & end of life care services across LTHT

Palliative Care Team 

Workout at work

Physiotherapy team

Reduction of C-Difficile infection in male nephrology/transplant patients

Renal ward J49 - SJUH 


Best Support Worker / Team 

Phlebotomy: Team Transformation

Phlebotomy service 

Porters’ Safety Huddles

Paul Tobin, Anna Winfield & Portering Team

Saving bed days through administered intravenous antimicrobials in the home, care facility or in the CIVAS clinic



Best use of Technology / Social Media 

Leeds patient orientated IT project

Adult and Paediatric Cystic Fibrosis Teams

Automated Controlled Drugs Cabinet (Omnicell)

Inpatient Dispensary SJUH

Leeds Children's Hospital TV

Teenage and young professionals - Nurses, Play Specialists and Youth Workers


Collaborative Working 

Palliative Care `Living Well but Dying Matters` Workshops for People with a Learning Disability/Autism

Corporate Nursing Learning Disabilities 

Home Self-Administration of Omalizumab for Chronic Spontaneous Urticaria

Clinical Immunology and Allergy 

Rapid Discharge Plan (RDP) for Urgent Care - Supporting Dying patients to achieve their preferred place of care

End of life Care Team, Palliative Care & A&E   


Educator of the Year / Education Team of the Year 

Leadership of HR Training Videos/Learning Bursts

Alison Wilkinson - Operational HR

Emergency Department In-situ simulation

Emergency Department Education Team

Undergraduate Virtual Case Library

Department of Clinical Radiology and Leeds Medical School


Empowering Leadership 

Elizabeth Rees - Palliative Care Team

Sally Rollinson-White - J19

Lauren Walker - Ward J82            


Improving Quality and Safety 

Parent Pagers in Paediatric PACU

Paediatric Theatre Recovery

Utilising the plain film radiographer workforce to improve patient safety in the use of nasogastric feeding tubes

All plain film radiographers at SJUH and LGI

A Pro-active Speech and Language Therapy Service for Patients Receiving Chemo-Radiotherapy for Treatment of Head and Neck Cancer

Head and Neck Speech and Language Therapy


Innovation / Lightbulb Moment 

Recording Complaint Meetings

Complaints Team (Patient Experience)

Post Myocardial Infarction Medicines Optimisation Project - MYMEDS Questionnaire

Pharmacy Cardiology Team  

Christmas meal for patients completing head & neck cancer treatment

Leeds Macmillan Head and Neck Rehabilitation Team



Access to Cutting Edge Treatments in Paediatrics

Leeds Children's Clinical Research Team

Understanding the patients’ lived experience of occupational therapy within a major trauma ward

Occupational Therapy, Major Trauma Ward

Building Research in Endocrinology



Staff Engagement 

The A&E 100 days review

A&E Departments of St James's University Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary 

Massive Obstetric Haemorrhage

Delivery suite, Blood Transfusion at SJUH and LGI

Improving staff engagement           

Patient Environment


Sustainable Efficiencies 

GRASP Operating Theatres Waste Management

Geoffrey Giles Theatres

A pro-active speech & language therapy service for chemo-radiotherapy patients at high risk of dysphagia

Speech and Language Therapy - Head and Neck Oncology 

Improved data capture and income for Major Trauma Centre patients

TARN data co-ordinators, Corporate Information 


The Kate Granger Award for Improving Patient Experience 

Learning Disability, Autism and Hidden Disability Staff Champions

LD Staff Champions

Nurse led telephone results clinic

Breast Unit Outpatient Dept 

Myocardial Infarction Medicines Optimisation Project

Pharmacy Cardiology Team   


Hospital Hero 

Lisa Beaumont

Twins & Multiples Team

Raj Markan


Unsung Hero - Clinical Staff 

Susan Westgarth

Suzanne Payne

Samantha Oakes


Unsung Hero - Support Staff 

Mudassar Dad

Malcolm Ball

Mbaki Mazakala