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How to refer to GATU - For Healthcare Professionals

This is information for our primary care and emergency department healthcare workers. We are always happy to discuss patients with you over the phone if you are unsure whether they need to be seen. Please get in touch via switchboard.

Referral Criteria - Gynaecology

COVID-19 - We recognise and understand the pressure primary care is under at this present time, however to prevent unnecessary emergency admissions we would ask that you discuss all cases with one of the on call doctors or specialist nurses, please do not simply refer through PCAL. 

 This unit is for women with emergency gynaecological problems who need to be seen immediately:

  • Red / swollen / painful lump outside the vagina (Bartholin’s or vulval abscess) with signs of systemic infection
  • Sudden unexpected heavy vaginal bleeding which is ongoing and/or with evidence of anaemia and/or with haemodynamic compromise
  • Sudden unexpected severe abdominal pain of suspected gynaecological origin
  • Suspected post operative complications following gynaecological surgery within last 30 days
  • Vaginal bleeding or pain in early stages of pregnancy (<14 weeks pregnant) presenting outside of Early Pregnancy Unit working hours (8.30 – 5pm weekdays/8.30-12.00 Saturday)
  • Ascites related to underlying gynaecological cancer
  • Symptoms of Ovarian Hyperstimulation (OHSS) following fertility treatment
  • Post-natal problems for women who are more than 30 days post delivery
  • Urinary retention secondary to vaginal prolapse

What do I do if I feel someone needs urgent assessment by the gynaecology on call team. Please discuss the patient with the on-call gynaecology doctors by contacting them via PCAL (Primary care access line) or via switchboard. If you cannot get in touch with the on-call team, for example if they are in theatre, and the patient might be unstable then you should send them to A&E for initial triage. They will be sent up to gynaecology afterwards if appropriate. Overnight (2200-08:30) please send clinically unstable patients to the emergency department. This is because our on call doctors may not be immediately available to review the patient on the unit to emergency clinical work. 


Changes to Services COVID-19

Please see the Acute Gynaecology Units standard operating procedure for information about how we are responding to the current situation and looking after our patients and staff.

GATU Standard Operating Procedure 8/4/20

Early pregnancy referrals from private services and termination services.

  • Inform the unit directly to refer any women and provide women with a printed ultrasound report to give to the clinical team. 
  • Inform all women that all scans performed outside the NHS will require a departmental rescan.