The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU)

The Early Pregnancy Unit (EPU) is a nurse-run, consultant-led unit located on Ward J24, the Leeds Centre For Women's Health,  Level 2 Chancellor Wing, St James's Hospital.

Opening Times

Weekdays- 8.30am- 5.30pm
Saturday- 9am-12.30pm 

Contact us

Patients already under the care of the early pregnancy unit (EPU) may contact the team through the following number: 0113 20 65473

If you are not under the care of the EPU, please contact your GP.


The unit does not take self-referrals or walk-ins. Exceptions are women with a history of previous ectopic pregnancy or previous tubal surgery including sterilisation who will have been advised to contact the unit in future pregnancies.

GPs, A&E and other health services may refer to this unit by contacting the early pregnancy unit directly or via switchboard.

Reviews are by appointment only. While we aim to see you at you appointment time there may be a delay in an emergency comes up.

Referral Criteria

  • To be referred to the early pregnancy unit you must have a positive pregnancy test and:
  • A gestation (pregnancy) greater than 6+0 weeks and up to 13+6 weeks (based on last menstrual period or ultrasound scan)


  • Pelvic pain (which settles with rest/use of simple analgesics) and/or
  • Mild or moderate bleeding

What we do

The Early Pregnancy Unit is a nurse-run, Consultant led clinic. We see women who are referred by their GP or other doctors with symptoms of vaginal bleeding and/or pelvic pain in early pregnancy (between six and fourteen weeks).

When you first arrive please report to reception. You can bring up to one other person with you.  You will be asked to complete a questionnaire asking you about your symptoms and past medical history. You will be asked to produce a urine sample if you haven't brought one with you. This is so that we can perform a pregnancy test and check for markers of urine infection.

The nurse will then see you and refer you for a pelvic ultrasound scan in the unit if indicated. This scan is both external (through the stomach) and internal (through the vagina).

Once you have had your scan the nurse will see you with the result and inform you of further management.  This may include:

  • doing further blood tests
  • doing a further scan on another day at the unit
  • to contact the unit for your blood results
  • discharge you back to your GP
  • Do a pregnancy test in a few weeks
  • admitting you to out gynaecology ward for further investigation and/or treatment

What do you do if you have any pelvic pain/vaginal bleeding before 14 weeks of pregnancy


Please contact your GP or call 111 for further advice.  If you have severe pain and very heavy bleeding then attend the emergency department at St James University hospital for a review.

After being reviewed by these services they may feel it necessary to refer you to our Acute Gynaecology Services.


If you have already been seen in our unit in this pregnancy with these symptoms then contact the Early Pregnancy Unit for further advice on 0113 2065473.

Maternity Assessment Unit

If you are more than fourteen weeks pregnant you should contact the maternity assessment unit.