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When a death is referred to HM Coroner

In some circumstances - a doctor from the hospital may refer a death to Her Majesty’s Coroner. You will be told by either the doctor making the referral or a member of the Bereavement Services team if HM Coroner is involved - you will then receive a call from one of the Coroner’s officers to explain their role and discuss what happens next. When a death has been referred to HM Coroner the hospital is unable to act until we have been informed of what action HM Coroner has decided to take.

HM Coroner is a judicial office holder who is independent from the hospital and local government.

When a death is reported to a Coroner, he or she:

• firstly establishes whether an investigation is required;

• if yes, investigates to establish the identity of the person who has died; how, when, and where they died; and any information required to register the death; and

• uses information discovered during the investigation to assist in the prevention of other deaths where possible.

 You can find more information about the role of HM Coroner and answers to frequently asked questions by clicking here.

 HM Coroner for West Yorkshire (Eastern)

The Senior Coroner for West Yorkshire (Eastern) covering the Leeds and Wakefield districts is Kevin McLoughlin:

HM Coroners Office
71 Northgate
Tel: 01924 302 180
Fax: 01924 302 184


Support when an Inquest is taking place

The Coroners' Courts Support Service is a voluntary organisation which supports people who are attending an Inquest. They can be contacted via a helpline: +44 (0)300 111 2141 or by email: To find out more by visiting their website, please click here.