The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

What We Do

Clinical Visits

At each clinic appointment children will have their height and weight measured. All children will have their medication dose and inhaler technique checked (how they take the inhaler). It is therefore very important to bring all inhalers and spacer devices to every clinic appointment. Children over 5 years of age will have their lung function measured on a spirometer machine and may also be asked to have an exhaled nitric oxide test.

Children may also need to have further tests such as a Chest X-ray, skin prick testing or blood tests. If these, or any additional, investigations are necessary they will be explained to you and your child. At each clinic visit your child will be seen by one of the Doctors and in addition may be seen by one of our Asthma nurse specialists and our Clinical psychologist either separately or in a joint consultation with the Doctor.

We can provide support and education both within the home and school setting.

We provide a comprehensive service based on high standards of care guided by national and local guidelines.