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Egg Allergy

Egg allergies are common across children and teenagers, and often develop within the first year of life. Often, children who have an allergy to egg may also have eczema, asthma or hayfever.

Children can be allergic to all forms of egg, though some can tolerate highly baked egg products such as cakes and biscuits. We provide egg ladders to reflect this information, however this must only be used in conjunction with medical advice. If you would like to see the egg ladder for baked egg products, please click here.

Over time, we expect a high percentage of our egg allergic patients will outgrow this allergy. We will see your child in clinic, where a decision may be made to do a baked or lightly cooked egg challenge. Once your child has passed a lightly cooked egg challenge, we will provide you with the appropriate egg ladder to reflect this. Again, this ladder must only be used in conjunction with medical advice. Please click here to see the ladder.

With regards to raw egg products, we do not offer challenges to these. Instead we advise home introduction once your child has been tolerating lightly cooked egg for six months or longer.

If you have a baked egg challenge planned and would like access to the recipes, please click on either of the following links:


Further Information

For further information relating to egg allergies, please see the below Allergy UK factsheets:

Egg allergy factsheet