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What is Healthier at Home?

Healthier At Home is a service that is provided by the team on the Children’s Assessment and Treatment (CAT) unit. In certain circumstances we help you care for your child at home using “Attend Anywhere” video technology.

What are the benefits of Healthier at Home?

Healthier at home aims to support you to care for your child at home with support from the medical team, extending their period of observation and reducing delays for families on the CAT Unit.

What will happen?

If the CAT team think your child needs a few more hours of observations, but this could be safely done using video technology, they will approach you about joining Healthier At Home.

We will explain what we will do:

  • Call you every hour - at a pre-set time, for 4 hours.
  • Ask you about how your child is, and answer any of your questions.
  • See your child and assess them using Attend Anywhere video software.

We need you to tell us the following about your child:

·         Their alertness

·         Their temperature

·         Their breathing rate

·         If they are eating/drinking

·         If they have passed urine

·         A heart rate if possible

We will also show you how to connect to Attend Anywhere and ensure that it is working.

We will give you an information leaflet on your child’s condition and send information to your phone from Healthier Together website.

Once we are all happy, the CAT team will sign an agreement with you which sets out all our responsibilities.

Further Reading

For further information please download our Individual Patient Pack pdf.

For further information please download our Virtual Ward pdf, which contains additional information about the service.