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Research and audit

Leeds PICU contributes to the Paediatric Intensive Care Audit Network (PICANet). PICANet collects information on all children in the UK who are admitted to a PICU. The information that we collect for PICANet is helping to find out the best ways to treat and care for children who are critically ill, so that intensive care services can be better planned for and provided.

Parents of children admitted to PICU may be approached regarding research studies. Most of the studies we are involved in are national multi-centre studies. These studies will have ethical approval and are being carried out in other PICUs around the UK. Their aim is to improve the evidence base that informs best practice in terms of caring for children who require admission to PICU.

If your child meets the criteria to be included in a study then you will be given some information about the study. Whether or not you decide to consent to the study, your decision will not affect your child’s care in any other way.

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