The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Neuromuscular Team

Regional Neuromuscular service at Leeds is  recognised as a UK centre of excellence for managing children and young people with genetic disorders affecting nerves or muscles. We have 2 physiotherapists working in the team who help children optimise their mobility and stay active so they can keep healthy and happy! Physiotherapists are key members of the multidisciplinary team and help children with weak muscles to gain or maintain their independence and maximise their potential.

Through exercise and activity, including hydrotherapy, we work with the children to develop and maintain their gross motor skills. We provide specialist equipment to help with standing and walking and also maximise respiratory health using chest physiotherapy techniques and equipment.

The physiotherapist along with the multi-disciplinary team provide outreach clinics to other regional hospitals and work closely with colleagues in education and social care, providing training and support for staff to enable children to fully participate in education settings and other important activities outside school.

The lead physiotherapists are Lindsey Pallant, and Steph Wadsworth. They can be contacted on 0113 3920609 or: