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Children's Home Ventilation Service

Home Ventilation Service

The Home Ventilation Service at Leeds Children's Hospital (part of LTHT) has been established for more than 20 years. This service provides initiation and long term follow up of mechanical breathing support for children who need help with breathing.  The mechanical ventilation can be either by tracheostomy (invasive) route or mask (non-invasive) route. The Home Ventilation Service provides holistic support to these children, parents and families.

Inpatient Service

The home ventilation service initiates children on long term ventilation as per medical assessment and after discussions with family. This service provides care initially in the hospital which is continued once discharged onto the home environment. Therefore, children and families receive service from the same team with which they are familiar and can trust. This is continued as long as the child needs ventilation support.

Our team works collaboratively with several other professionals within the hospital and community system. This ensures efficient discharge process so that child can go to the home environment as soon as medically fit. This is achieved by engaging with stakeholders in arranging community care and simultaneous training of carers and parents in parallel. Every child on home ventilation receives care plan with clear, easy to follow instructions in the event of any illnesses.

The home ventilation support services include regular outpatient follow up clinics, both in-hospital and home-sleep studies and specialist nurse input in the form of home visits and telephone support.

Outpatient Service

The home ventilation team see children requiring home ventilation due to a variety of medical conditions. We accept referrals for children aged 0-16 years of age from Leeds and also from out of region requiring specialist tertiary service.

The Home Ventilation Clinic is situated within the Children’s Outpatient Department which is on B floor Martin Wing.

Who you will see at clinic

  • Receptionist
  • Clinic support worker
  • Clinic nurse
  • Home Ventilation Specialist Nurse
  • Consultant 

Leeds General Infirmary is a teaching hospital so you may meet medical students and student nurses during your visit to the Home ventilation clinic.

Clinic visit

At each clinic appointment children will have their height and weight measured. They will have their oxygen saturations recorded on an oxygen saturation monitor.

If required your child may need to have further tests such as a Chest X-ray or blood tests, these will be fully explained to you and your child.

Changing your appointment

If you are unable to attend your appointment please contact 0113 392 6335 and you will be able to rebook another appointment. By cancelling your appointment, we will be able to offer the appointment to another patient.

Home ventilation specialist nursing support

The home ventilation specialist nurses are based at Martin Wing, Leeds General Infirmary. They provide specialist care with regards to maintenance and issues with equipment. They provide links to access other specialist nursing care and arrange medical reviews if needed. They run home sleep studies. They liaise with various community teams such as commissioners, housing, nursing, OT and GP surgeries for streamlining of care. Significant part of learning curve for children and families embarking on home ventilation is training about the equipment and familiarising with the care plan. This important role of teaching and training is done by specialist nurses.


Home Ventilation Team

Consultants: Dr. Chris Edwards and Dr. Saikiran Gopalakaje

Specialist nurses: Sarah Georgiades and Sharon Sloan

Psychology: Dr. Jan Aldridge

Discharge co-ordinator: Julia Forsaith

Administration: Marie Stoves