The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

What we do

We provide a paediatric respiratory Service to a city population of 750,000, and a regional population of 3.8 million.

As well as cystic fibrosis, we also offer specialist services for asthma, primary ciliary dyskinesia, sleep disordered breathing, chronic lung disease of prematurity, and other rare childhood lung disorders.

We are housed in a state-of-the-art outpatient respiratory centre, with adjoining inpatient respiratory ward with 10 cubicles.

Patients undergo all relevant routine testing at each clinic visit, for example pulse oximetry, lung function, and respiratory microbiology if required.

We provide a regional difficult asthma service with integrated psychology support, helping children and families regain control of difficult asthma.

We have strong links with the district general hospitals in the region through the active Yorkshire Paediatric Respiratory Network.

We provide a flexible bronchoscopy service and strong links exist with all the relevant paediatric specialties, including paediatric radiology, immunology, ENT, and cardiology, as well as Adult services.