The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Preparing for day surgery

When preparing to come in for day case surgery, you should think about the following. 


Pre-assessment is an appointment patients have in advance of their surgery to check that they are fit for the procedure including anaesthesia. This might include tests such as bloods, x-rays, ultrasound and height and weight. It's also a chance for patients and parents to ask any questions they might have about the procedure. Sometimes pre-assessment appointments can be done virtually or over the phone if further tests aren't required.      

Fasting and instructions

If the patient is having an anaesthetic they will need to fast before their procedure. Fasting instructions will be sent out with the admission letter. 

It is very important to follow these instructions. If your child has eaten within the fasting period, they will not  be able to have their operation on the day and will be sent home. Any food in the stomach is dangerous under anaesthetic. 

What to bring

  • Your admission letter - this might come in the post or via email 
  • All medication/inhalers your child has at home and pain relief for after the operation. We do not routinely give pain killers for you to take home. Most families have Paracetamol (Calpol) and Ibuprofen (Nurofen) at home. Please bring yours with you and we will label it correctly to ensure your child has the appropriate pain relief
  • A change of clothes (nightwear), nappies if required, any comforters or favourite toys. We aim to get patients home on the same day but it's worth being prepared for an overnight stay, just incase
  • If your child has a favourite food you are welcome bring this along for after surgery