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Patient feedback

What do people who have used our service say about us? 

For the Department of Clinical and Health Psychology, 47 people completed the ‘Friends and Family’ survey in 2018.

  • 97% gave positive feedback.
    • 100% were 'extremely likely' to recommend our service to friends and family.
  • People indicated that they felt they were treated with dignity and respect and were treated well by staff.


When asked "What was good about your care, and what could be improved?", these were the responses:

  • Gave me chance to talk and helped me with extreme emotions during a very difficult time in my life.
  • The sessions have really helped me prepare for my future and prepared me for dialysis if this is needed.  I can talk and know I am being listened to.
  • Made so much progress in the last 18 months with the Psychologist since the accident.  I would not have recovered as quickly without the support.
  • Friendly, understanding, plays a big part.  No judgement here - that makes it work.  You can say whatever you want.
  • The psychologist made me realise things about me I didn’t know.  This is the first time in 20 years I feel good about myself.  Thank you so much.
  • I was at a very low point when referred to the psychology department and anxiety was overwhelming me.  The Psychologist has provided me with the space to open up about my feelings, giving me time to talk and develop skills which allow me to manage my anxiety and illness.  The psychologist’s input has been invaluable in enabling me to re-gain positivity and self compassion.
  • Don’t change anything.
  • It has helped and enabled me to accept the past and be more positive.
  • Always treated with respect and understanding. Always felt at ease.
  • I have always felt comfortable in attending the sessions and have felt that I have been listened to and have benefited from attending.
  • Very helpful staff who have ensured everything is running smoothly and on track for the best care.


We value feedback and constantly strive to improve our service. Please complete the Friends and Family survey if you visit our Department. Alternatively let your Psychologist or Counsellor know if you would like to give feedback via another method.

You can also leave feedback with our Patient Advice and Liaison Service.