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Information for patients

Typical patient journey

On your admission to the ward initial assessments are made by medics and therapists.

A 3 week discharge date is provided as an initial starting point whilst assessments are completed.

If you are on ward C1 you will be under the care of consultant Dr. Devinuwara, Dr. Dworak-Kula or Dr. Pearn. If you are on ward C2 the consultant will usually be Dr. Pearn, but the junior medical teams and therapy teams remain the same.

Rehabilitation sessions are timetabled on a daily basis during weekdays. All therapy areas are adjacent to the ward.

You can find out therapy times in the evening, for the following day.  Therapy can be as an individual session, as a joint session with other therapists or in a group.

Consultant ward rounds usually take place on Monday afternoons, Tuesday mornings and Friday mornings.

Multi-disciplinary (MDT) team meetings take place on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings (8AM-11AM) whereby the MDT team meet to discuss each individual patient and discuss plans for discharge. Due to the way we are funded, patients are scored fortnightly with a variety of outcome measures using Northwick Park and Rehab Complexity Scale (UK ROC database). FIM/FAM in also done on admission and discharge. Northwick park therapy dependency scores are also done weekly.

The ward offers goal planning meetings, best interest meetings and family meetings where you and your loved ones are able to meet with the members of the MDT involved in your care. This enables the MDT to discuss with you your progress and plan agreed goals for the future and may also consider discharge plans.

Goal planning meeting are usually within a week of admission and the family meeting is usually scheduled about 2 weeks after the first MDT discussion.

Your rehabilitation may include planned home visits with your therapists, day leave, weekend leave and access to the minimal care flat. This will be discussed with you when it is appropriate.

The length of stay on the ward varies depending on each person’s needs, but this can be between two weeks and up to several months in some cases.

During your stay on Complex Neuro Rehab you will be allocated a bed. However, due to your needs or the needs of other patients, you might need to be required to change beds and wards between the Neurorehabilitation beds on C1 and C2.

If you become acutely unwell during your stay, then you might need to be transferred back to the LGI or St James’. If you need to stay there on the acute hospital site your bed cannot held for you at the Complex Rehab Unit. If/when you are ready to be transferred back to us for further rehabilitation then your transfer back will be prioritized.