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Minimal Care flat

Unfortunately due to COVID, the minimal care flat isn't in use at the moment.

At Chapel Allerton hospital we have access to a flat. This is situated within the hospital but it is away from ward C1 and C2. Inside this flat there is a living area, sleeping area, bathroom and working kitchen. During your rehabilitation you may spend some time in this flat with and without staff. The flat provides a space to practice everyday living skills.  It can help you and the therapy staff identify any difficulties and provide information about the support you may require on leaving hospital.

The flat is also used by patients, family and friends as a quiet private space away from the ward. Should you think this would be beneficial for you, raise this with a member of staff who can liaise with relevant therapy, medical and nursing staff to determine if this is safe and appropriate.  We recognise this is important to our patients and their visitors.

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