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Welcome to the Complex Neuro-rehabilitation Unit’s Physiotherapy department

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Our team consists of a Clinical Specialist Physiotherapist, permanent and rotational Physiotherapist's and Physiotherapy assistants. We also often have student Physiotherapists within the team undertaking placements. Where possible we aim for you to have a key Physiotherapist who you will work regularly with, however you may see other members of the team during your stay.

Referral process

All patients will be assessed by a Physiotherapist soon after admission to the unit.

Our work includes:

The physiotherapy team will work with you towards your physical goals such as:  standing up, walking, using a wheelchair, posture, bed mobility, strength, balance and general fitness. Physiotherapy sessions will be geared around your own individual goals and we will work closely with the multi-disciplinary team to help you achieve them. Sessions range between 30 - 60 minutes long and will be seen up to 5 times a week depending on your physical needs and if you require 1 or more Physiotherapist’s in your session. The Physiotherapy team will ensure you have suitable seating and you will be expected to sit out daily as part of your rehabilitation.  Activities and exercises will be expected outside of your therapy sessions as part of your daily routine to aid your rehabilitation.