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Welcome to the Complex Neuro-rehabilitation Unit’s Neuropsychology department

What we do

Neuropsychology focusses on the changes to cognitive (thinking) skills; and psychological functioning following brain or spinal injury, or illness. Our team is made up of a team of qualified psychologists who have a specialist training in Clinical Psychology and Neuropsychology. 

Our work includes:

Cognition (thinking skills)

  • Assessing and developing an understanding of cognitive (thinking) abilities such as concentration, memory, planning and problem-solving
  • Developing tailored strategies to support cognitive difficulties (cognitive rehabilitation)
  • Helping to understand if an individual with brain injury is able to make certain decisions for themselves because of changes to his/her thinking skills, Neuropsychology will assist with complex mental capacity assessments.
  • Advising family members/carers on how to support patients with cognitive difficulties 


  • Developing an understanding of changes in behaviour following brain injury/illness
  • Supporting the individual, ward staff and families/carers to understand and manage significant changes to behaviour, behaviours that are challenging.

Mood/Emotional changes

  • Psychological assessment and treatment for associated emotional changes following brain or spinal injury/illness e.g. anxiety, low mood, adjustment to physical, cognitive and/or behavioural changes.
  • Advising ward staff on how to support individuals’ mood

Referral process

Our team do not see every patient on the ward. We receive referrals from other members of the ward team if they feel that an individual would benefit for neuropsychological input.

If you think seeing a neuropsychologist would be helpful, please speak to a staff member and they can liaise with us.  

 Our team

 Dr James Briggs 

 Dr Mahbub