The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Discharge Information

 Before you are discharged home the ward team will make a number of checks to ensure you are ready to go home. They will make sure:

  • You are fully awake and recovered, if you have had anaesthesia
  • You have passed urine
  • You have had something to eat and drink
  • Your pain is managed to an acceptable level
    • If you experience nausea or vomiting you will be given medications to treat it.

When staff are happy to allow you home they will contact your relative, friend or partner and ask them to come and collect you.

  • You MUST ensure you have someone to collect you from the hospital.
  • You MUST have 24 hour supervision by a responsible adult following discharge.
  • You MUST NOT go home alone in a taxi or by public transport.
  •  You MUST NOT drive for 48 hours following your general anaesthetic

 Having these plans in place is crucial to surgery going ahead - there is a risk of cancellation if the above criteria are not arranged prior to your admission.

 In exceptional circumstances, surgery may be prolonged or complicated, meaning you may need to stay overnight in hospital. This may be in the day surgery unit or another hospital ward. In both cases, ward staff will contact your relative, friend or partner, to confirm visiting and discharge arrangements.

On leaving hospital you will be given:

  •  Advice on caring for dressing and a small supply
  • Advice and/or pressure stockings and/or injections to reduce blood clots
  • A discharge letter with contact details of the appropriate day case ward/unit (for the first 24 hours) if you have any concerns and require postoperative advice.
  • We advise that you have a supply at home of simple pain killers, such as paracetamol and iburprofen. If you require any further medication the hospital will supply this.
  • Information regarding any follow-up appointments that are required.

The following instructions are strongly advised for 24 hours after your operation / procedure:

  • You MUST NOT take any form of alcohol or take recreational drugs
  • You MUST NOT operate any machinery
  • You MUST NOT sign any legal documentation
  • You MUST NOT look after children independently


  • Follow the advice given to you by the staff.
  • Mobilise early after surgery. This can help you to be fit, both mentally and physically for your discharge from hospital.
  • Remember that you may need to take time off work if advised to do so.

 If you have any concerns after discharge home with anything, particularly your wound, pain or swelling please feel free to contact the ward you attended for advice and assessment if indicated.