The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Medical Illustration

Before, during and sometimes after your treatment we may require you to have your photograph taken. This is  to provide an accurate visual record of your condition. This can be useful for your doctor or practitioner to see any changes in the condition or any improvement with treatment.

You will always be asked for your permission before the photographs are taken and will be given a consent form to sign.

The photographs will be stored confidentially on our Medical Image Database as part of your medical notes. They will only be used by healthcare professionals involved in your care. 

You will be photographed by a clinical photographer who is specially trained in taking clinical photographs.

Where possible both Male and Female photographers will be available.

You may be asked to remove items of clothing, jewellery or make-up in order that a good clear photograph can be taken.

The photographs are usually taken in the studio at Chapel Allerton Hospital which is situated on the opposite corridor to the LASER department, however In some instances we may require a clinical photographer to take photographs within your treatment room.

We understand you may feel nervous about having your photographs taken. We aim to make the experience as quick as we can for you.