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Laser treatment

What does Laser treatment involve?

Before the start of treatment, you will be asked to sign a consent form. The risks, benefits and practicalities of treatment will be explained to you, as well as an agreement reached between practitioner and patient as to which areas are suitable for treatment.

LASER treatments are delivered in the departmental treatment rooms. They involve a number of 'pulses' of laser light being applied to the skin from a hand-held device attached to the laser machine. The number of pulses required depends on the size of the area treated.

Before your first treatment, you will need a baseline photograph which is usually arranged at your initial consultation. You will then undergo a test patch so that we can assess the reaction of the skin and see if the treatment will be effective. At this appointment you will have further photograpphs to be taken of the test area to help us to assess the respose at your subsequent visits.

All patient photographs are kept in a protected electronic system as part of your electronic medical records ( to be viewed only by the staff involved with your care). Following a succesful test area, you may require several treatments to get the best possoble result. Some patients need to be treated over several months or years and larger areas may need to be treated in several stages.

Further test areas may be required throughout your treatment course.

Your LASER treatment will be carried out by specialist practitioners or by doctors with specific training in skin LASER treatments.