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Mikkel's story

My name is Mikkel Ullah and I am 36 years old. I suffer from a chronic form of ANGIOEDEMA URTICARIA which affects deeper areas of the skin. It can cause severe swelling and the URTICARIA can cause hives and rashes to the face and many other parts of the body.

I have had this condition for the past six years and have been visiting the Leeds Dermatology unit regularly throughout this time. I have had over 6O hospital admissions in this time. The illness affects me in many ways including swelling, rashes, shakes, joint pain and migraines which can affect any part of my body at any time. It is caused by histamine being released into my body, causing me to have some severe episodes of ANGIOEDEMA. This can lead to my body shutting down and makes me feel extremely ill.

It has been very difficult to manage my ANGIOEDEMA and I have been on numerous tablets and treatments - including steroid infusions, methotrexate and various antihistamines and creams. Some of the side effects have caused me to have hair loss, hallucinations, fatigue, tremors and anxiety. These can all affect me on a daily basis.

It has been very difficult to manage any form of pain in relation to my illness and other conditions I have. This is because many pain killers release histamine which can cause all sorts of problems and as a result I have to use an epi pen. The pen gives me adrenaline which counteracts the body shutting down after an episode ANGOIEDEMA, which is not very pleasant.

The condition itself has been life changing for me as and I have had to adapt and change my life around my condition, which has been very difficult as I am still a young woman. It is very difficult to plan social events and enjoy doing things I used to do before my illness as it changes on a daily basis. I have remained positive throughout this time and am always optimistic that things will get better. I look to try any new medication in the future that will hopefully work in settling my ANGIOEDEMA and give me a better quality of life.

The support I have received from the medical team at the Leeds Dermatology unit that helps to treat my condition has been fantastic. I couldn’t wish for more kind & caring people to help this life changing journey I have been on. Without their expertise and compassion I don’t think I could have overcome the challenges I have faced with my condition. I thank them for all they have done.

If you suffer from ANGIOEDAMA URTICARIA there is lots of helpful information on the British Skin Foundation website to help you with your illness.