The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

What we do

Our Emergency Departments at St James's Hospital and Leeds General Infirmary deal with genuine life-threatening emergencies, such as:

Less severe injuries can be treated in urgent care centres or minor injuries units. A&E is not an alternative to a GP appointment.

If your GP is closed you can go to or call 111, which will direct you to the best local service.

Alternatively, you can visit an NHS urgent treatment or walk-in centre, which will also treat minor illnesses without an appointment.


The staff in our Emergency Departments work with other hospital specialties to organise appropriate care and treatment for the patients who attend - many can be dealt with in the department and can then go home.

Some are asked to re-attend the department for a review of their treatment or injury and others are given a hospital outpatient appointment or are referred to their GP.

A minority are admitted to hospital. After arrival some patients may be directed to see a GP within the department.

The majority of  patients, however, are usually seen first by a Nurse who can assess them, arrange tests and give some medicines such as painkillers and patients will subsequently be seen by a doctor or emergency nurse practitioner.