The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

After your procedure

After your procedure you will transfer from the endoscopy room into the recovery room.

In recovery the nurse will check your observations and ask you if you have any discomfort after the procedure.

The time you spend in recovery is different for every patient. When you are comfortable, orientated, fully awake and you have stable observations the nurse will get you up and transfer you to a 2nd recovery room where you will be given refreshments and the information you require for discharge

 The nurse will explain the outcome of your procedure. If necessary the endoscopist will explain the findings to you.

You will receive a copy of your endoscopy report.

If you experience any problems or symptoms after your procedure, from 8am to 6pm please telephone the endoscopy unit in which you had the procedure for further advice:

  • LGI: 0113 2028675
  • Wharfedale: 0113 2021747
  • SJUH: 0113 2068279

You can call 111 for advice at any time.

Alternatively call the LTHT Switchboard on 0113 2433144 and ask for the gastroenterology registrar on call, who can offer you further advice. You will need to explain what procedure you have had and what your symptoms are.