The Leeds Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust

Your appointment

When your referral into endoscopy is received the endoscopy administration team add you to the appropriate waiting list depending on the procedure that has been requested and the reason for the procedure.

All referrals are vetted by our skilled nurses and doctors to check they are accurate and appropriate, and the endoscopy administration team will contact you to make your appointment.

We will always try and contact you by ‘phone so we can discuss and agree a time that is most convenient both for your endoscopy and for your telephone pre-assessment (if needed).  If we cannot reach you via telephone we will send you a letter with your appointment for your endoscopy and another appointment for your telephone pre-assessment (if needed).  If your appointment is not suitable, please contact our admin team on 0113 392 8672, to rebook at a time that is convenient to you.

Many patients require an appointment with pre-assessment to discuss the specific needs for their procedure. View our Pre-assessment information (including a contact number). Your pre-assessment appointment will be booked by our admin team at the same time as they book your procedure appointment.

We offer a range of diagnostic and therapeutic endoscopy services in Leeds, and our services are always in high demand.  If circumstances change and you cannot make your agreed appointment please contact us directly so your appointment can be re-scheduled and we can re-allocate your existing appointment to another patient.  Dependent on the procedure you have been referred for this may mean that your procedure is delayed, so please try to make every effort to attend.

If we have your mobile phone number we will send you a text message at 7 days and 48hours before your appointment to remind you. It is important you respond to this if you cannot attend for any reason. For patients for whom we have no mobile number or for whom the text message has failed, the receptionist will ring 72hours before the procedure to confirm you can attend and have received all of the necessary information and instructions. We hope with these measures we can improve non-attendance rates for Endoscopy appointments.

If you do not attend (DNA) your appointment without letting us know we will let your doctor know, and this may mean that you are discharged from our care. 

You may be offered an appointment with one of our delivery partners in Leeds.  We work with carefully selected partners who are accredited to the same standard as LTHT endoscopy units (JAG Accreditation) and we work very closely with them to ensure that patients receive the same safe, high quality care wherever they are seen.  Our delivery partners deliver less complex diagnostic endoscopy that can be done very safely at their endoscopy units.  This allows our LTHT nursing and endoscopy teams to concentrate on more complex endoscopy procedures that need to be done on hospital sites.  If you are offered an appointment with a delivery partner we have already established that it is safe and appropriate for you to been seen by them, and this will be the fastest way for you to receive your endoscopy.