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How long is the visit likely to take (procedure and waiting time)?

How long you will be in the endoscopy unit will depend on the procedure you have, if you have a sedative injection, and how you feel after your procedure . Patient who have a sedative are kept in the department longer so we can monitor them until they are fully awake. You can find more about how long your procedure should take by referring to the patient information leaflet that you have been sent or you can find a link on the "about your procedure" page. Occasionally endoscopy lists run late as procedures sometimes take longer than we expect or we have unavoidable delays. The nurses in the endoscopy will inform you of any delays.

Will the procedure hurt or be uncomfortable?

In the endoscopy we try to make you as comfortable as possible during your procedure. We often use sedation, analgesia, Entonox  and local anaesthetic or combinations of these drugs. It is our aim to make you as comfortable as possible during your procedure, however slight discomfort can be common. During colonoscopy or flexible sigmoidoscopy a feeling of trapped wind is common and in investigations of the stomach a bloated feeling and burping is very common. You can find more about pain relief options by referring to the patient information leaflet that you have been sent or you can find a link on the "about your procedure" page.

Will I be able to stop the procedure at any point?

Yes,  you can stop the procedure at any time. 

There will be a nurse with you at all times so you can tell them, the endoscopist will be listening to what you say too. During gastroscopy its difficult to speak so we tell patients to raise their hand in the air as a sign that they need our attention/ want the test to stop. 

What happens if I don’t take the bowel preparation properly?

It is very important that you follow the bowel preparation instructions carefully. If you don't not follow the instructions the bowel lining may not be clean and the endoscopist will not be able to see any abnormalities that are there. If your bowel is not clean it can mean that you have to repeat the bowel preparation again.

If you have any questions, problems or concerns with your bowel preparation, before you start or during the time you are taking it please ring our pre assessment nurses and they will be able to give you some advice. 

Who will be with me during the procedure?

During the procedure you will have allocated to you a nurse whose role is to take care of you. The nurse will monitor your observations and if also check if you are experiencing any pain throughout your procedure. The nurse will also support and guide you through your procedure. If you have any concerns let your nurse know so they can help you.

What are the effects of the sedatives - what can I and can’t I do after the procedure?

Many people expect that the sedation will "put them to sleep" but this is not the case. Some people feel a little drowsy but you should expect to feel relaxed and calm but awake. Some people do feel a little sleepy but not everyone. The sedative can give you some amnesia so you may find that you forget some or all of your procedure. It can also may you a little unsteady on your feet. For these reasons we ask that you have someone to collect you from the endoscopy department, go home in a car/ taxi (not public transport/train), rest at home for 24hrs (no work) and do not drive, operate machinery or sign important documents.

Can I ask staff for help if I am worried when I arrive at the unit?

The staff in the endoscopy unit are here to help you any any time during your stay in the endoscopy unit.

When you arrive you will checked in by our reception staff and then seen by one of our assessment nurses who will take your details, discuss your procedure with you and get you ready. If you have any worries you can speak to the nurse at this point.

When will I get my results?

After your procedure the endoscopist will let you know the outcome of your procedure. It is not always possible to know exactly what the results are especially if biopsies are taken. The endoscopist will let you know if they have seen anything but you may need to wait until biopsy results are back to get the further information about exactly what is happening.

The doctor who referred you will go through the results of the endoscopy and any biopsies in more detail when they see you in clinic/ GP surgery.

What should I do if:

  • I have no one to look after me and I want sedation.
    ring the pre assessment nurses and they will be able to discuss what options are available to you. 
  • I need transport.
    transport is only booked for patients who are eligible for this. If you have had transport before please ring the administration department who will book transport for you. If you have not had transport before you will need to see your GP to organise this. They will then register you as eligible for transport so we can book it if you need it for future appointments.
  •  I am confused about the bowel preparation, I don't understand what to do.
    Please contact the pre assessment nurses with any concerns about the bowel preparation and they will be able to give you some advice. 
  • I feel unwell after I have taken the 1st sachet of bowel preparation.
    Please contact the pre assessment nurses and they will be able to give you some advice.
  •  I need to take my tablets and I'm fasting.
    You should take your tablets as normal unless you have specifically been told not to for example blood thinning tablets. If you are fasting for a morning gastroscopy appointment please take essential tablets (blood pressure and heart medication) early with a sip of water. For afternoon appointments again plan to take medication early with a sip of water.
  •  I'm taking blood thinning tablets.
    You should have received information in your letter about what to do in regards to your blood thinning tablets. If you have no instructions you should ring the pre assessment nurses for advise.
  •  I don't understand why I need a Gatroscopy/ Colonoscopy.
    Please contact the pre assessment nurses and they will be able to talk about your referral with you.
  •  I don't want to have the procedure.
    If you don't want to have your procedure the decision entirely yours. We would ask that you let us know so that we can give the appointment to someone else. 
  • Who should I contact about any concerns following the procedure/discharge?
    If you have any immediate concerns or questions when you leave the endoscopy unit you should contact the endoscopy unit where you had the procedure. The number can be found on your discharge advice sheet. There are also some instruction about what to do if you are feeling unwell after your procedure. If you have any concerns about the care you received whilst in the endoscopy department you should message matron who will address your concerns directly. 
If you have any further questions that you would like answering, please email the team. We would like to populate this page with real questions asked by you, so if there is anything missing on our website, please get in touch and let us know.